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Samanda at Mystic Ridge

I did a photo shoot with Samanda Jones at the Mystic Ridge Hotel which I was so graciously allowed to do free of cost with only 2 constraints; no logos (easy) and none of their unique architecture (harder). An hour before the shoot I took a walk around the property for a scenic spot devoid of their proprietary fare, but it was everywhere. So i did what I do best; pull it off on the fly, and it worked…

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A night of praise and worship in Chancellor Hall’s Quadrangle spent praising and snapping away

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Negril Field Trip

Data logger rotation with NEPA’s CCAP team in Negril; Flat seas, clear waters and early morning diving making for great photos of course!

Marsha in the Park

After years of convincing, I finally got Marsha Robinson to do a photo shoot with me, it is hard to believe how someone so camera shy photographs so well. So  last Saturday morning, we met up at Hope Gardens at 6:30 am and started shooting.

Here they are:

UWI Carnival 2012

When I covered UWI Carnival this year, I wanted to venture away from the crassness that any amateur could capture & go for the beauty that it was originally  meant to be. I wanted to capture photos that anyone could enjoy, people having fun rather than photos people would be afraid to be seen in. Here they are

Hollywell, Easter 2011

A day trip to Hollywell park in the Blue Mountains, Some much needed quality time with my family and of course, some amazing photos


Noranda Rising

Noranda rising is a talent show hosted by Noranda Jamaica Bauxite partners in Discovery Bay in an effort to give something back to the community. This event features talent from communities across Discovery Bay competing for prizes. Here are some photos from the event.